A visit to the yard, from the Italian Owner's Association

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vrijdag 19 april 2024

Last Friday, X-Yachts was delighted to host the X-Yachts Owner’s Association from Italy at our yard in Haderslev. This special event brought together X-Yachts enthusiasts from Italy to explore our facilities and witness firsthand the craftsmanship that goes into every X-Yacht.

The day began with a warm welcome at the yard, followed by a tour of the production, where our latest models are brought to life. The guests had the opportunity to see up-close the advanced techniques and high-quality materials.

Following a traditional Danish lunch, the owners had the opportunity to experience Birger Hansen, one of the original founders, as he gave a speech about the X-Yachts history.

The day concluded with a visit to the showroom, where the guests experienced the X5.6, X4.9 MkII, X4.0, X4.3 and of course, the very first X-Yacht ever built – the X-79!

Did you know we have several Owner’s Associations around the world?

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