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maandag 29 maart 2021

Last week, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the X-102!

The X-102 is the second X-Yachts model launched and it was a true cruiser/racer with a center cockpit. The boat was designed for IOR’s ¾ Ton upper rating limit of 24.55ft.

X-102 “Soldier Blue”, won the 3/4 Ton World Championship in 1981 and was skippered by Ib Ussing Andersen, helmed by Jens Christensen with tactics by Lars Bo Ive, all now of North Sails fame. Lars and Niels Jeppesen did also participate in the same championship, in another X-102, taking the seventh place.

In 1982, “Lille du” won the same title and gave X-Yachts a head start in the international yachting arena.

It was in the X-102 models, X-Yachts began placing heavy parts like the engine, batteries, and tanks in low, central positions, to optimize the sailing capabilities.

The X-102 is a world class X-Yacht worth remembering and is still a very popular model.

Hull Length: 10.02 m
Draft: 1,9 m
Mainsail: 34,1 sqm
Genoa 1: 31,7 sqm
Spinnaker: 70 sqm
Production Years: 1981 — 1987
Number Built: 173