eXperience the new Xc in 4D

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maandag 19 september 2022

Director of Design & Engineering, Thomas Mielec, says:

“From the outset of the project it was clear, that the interior and deck layout was going to interact in a – for us – quite unique way given the semi deck saloon style cabin top and the interior concept possibilities that opens up for.

To ensure we got the most out of this opportunity, we made an early decision to do a full mock-up of the interior, even though everything is modelled in 3D CAD. The mock-up makes it possible, in a much more straight forward way, to communicate the design intentions to all stakeholders in the project, and makes it easier to provide input to the designers based on a not just visual but also felt impression on the design concepts reviewed.

As a less foreseen bonus, it has also proved a much more efficient basis for decision making for us designers, than the usual 3D CAD review on the screen. Less discussions are needed, as all more and less feels straight away physically, what works and what doesn’t.

To be sure not just to evaluate what works in the interior with the yacht safely moored at the marina, we designed the mock-up to be able to heel up to 20 deg’s to both sides to simulate and explore how the interior works ergonomically when heeling – an essential aspect for a blue water cruiser, where comfortable living aboard during longer passages is highly prioritized.”