Experience the X-79 in the 2021 SILVERRUDDER!

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dinsdag 4 mei 2021

Are you ready for the 2021 SILVERRUDDER – Challenge of the sea?

SILVERRUDDER – Challenge of the sea, is an annual singlehanded boat race, which this year, takes place on the 17th September 2021, in Svendborg on the island of Funen (Fyn)

After experiencing the enthusiasm, the community, and the whole feeling of being in Svendborg together with the participants, Kræn Brinck Nielsen knew he had to contact the SILVERRUDDER team for a partnership. The partnership, announced in December 2020, between X-Yachts and SILVERRUDDER is a long-term partnership for future events. X-Yachts will be on-site and around Svendborg during future SILVERRUDDER races, and X-Yacht sailors and SILVERRUDDER aficionados will be able to enjoy the synergy of these two unique sailing communities merging right in the heart of SILVERRUDDER Svendborg for the world’s biggest single-handed regatta.

Last year, more than 60 X-Yachts were registered to participate in the races, and Kræn Brinck Nielsen hopes that the future partnership with SILVERRUDDER will increase that number.

If you are interested in more information about what X-Yachts will be contributing with at the 2021 SILVERRUDDER, click here – SILVERRUDDER Partnership announcement


A race within a race – Be ready for the X-79!

At X-Yachts, we have seen a big revival of the X-79 over the past years. We both see youngsters and older people buying the X-79. Often the people buying the X-79 had a history with an X-79, 20 or 30 years ago. Therefore this year, SILVERRUDDER together with X-Yachts, decided to make a race within a race. That means, that the X-79’s will be racing against each other in the small keelboats class, this year at SILVERRUDDER. The winning X-79 will be rewarded with a special X-Yachts prize.

One of the contestants in this race is Max Hunt. Max Hunt invested in an X-79 in December 2021 and he is now getting ready for the big race in September. Listen to Max Hunt, telling his story about his passion for sailing, his X-79 project, and his visit to the X-Yachts Yard in Haderslev. –

Mx Hunt – We found the perfect boat