Holland sees huge potential in X-Power

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dinsdag 22 juni 2021

Holland sees huge potential in X-Power


“I’m sure we can sell X-Power boats”, X-Yachts dealer Nanno Schuttrups evaluates after his first test trials in Ijsselmeer East of Amsterdam.

The Dutch X-Dealer was one of the first who ordered an X-Powerboat and is therefore also the first dealer in the world who was able to present an X-Power 33C on his home market.

The day after that boat had arrived from the yard in Denmark, there was huge attention outside the X-Yachts office in Almere Marina, and the eye-catching Red Baron was shining in the sun when Nanno Schuttrups took his maiden trip accompanied by motorboat journalist, Hans Brouwers from the acknowledged Nautique Magazine. The trip went to Muiden Marina with the beautiful Muiden Castle in the background.

“We are really impressed about the driving qualities as well the design, and the size is perfect for Dutch waters. So, during the Summer, we will invite a lot of people for test drives so that they can experience the boat”, a smiling and satisfied Nanno Schuttrups concludes.