IDM Seesegeln 2021

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vrijdag 1 oktober 2021

The IDM Seesegeln 2021 was the season finale for many regatta crews in Germany!
4 days of intense and demanding races on the waters outside the port of Olpenitz.
The ORCi Group 1/2 Championship title went to Gordon Nickel and his team on X-41 “Sportsfreund”.
The 3rd place also went to a well-known X-Sailor and X-Yachts employee, Torsten Bastiansen and his crew sailed their way into the 3rd place with the X-41 “Sydbank”, only loosing out by 10 sec in the last race out of nine, to the Intermezzo; Team of Jens Kuphal.
In ORC 3/4 the IMMAC team of Kai Mares took the championship title, with Team Patent4 of Jürgen Klinghardt in second and the X-332 Team Quattro, with Helmsman Martin Menzer in third.
Great Championship with Great X-Moments!