Launching the X5⁶!

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donderdag 26 november 2020

Launch of the X56!

Yesterday late in the afternoon, the X5⁶ was launched for the very first time! It was a tremendously glorious sight to see the new beauty hit the water!

After rigging, in-water tests and adjustments of technical installations a thorough series of sea trials will be conducted under close supervision of the design & engineering team.

We feel convinced that the X5⁶ will live fully up to our expectations, but realistically and historically there will always be minor adjustments with a new model, first of its kind in the Pure X Range, and we are eager to find all mistakes and points of improvement now, in order to have the corrections implemented as early as possible”, Thomas Mielec, Director of Design & Engineering, explains.

And he elaborates: “After the sea trials she will go back to the assembly hall for final fitout of interiors etc. to be ready for the X5⁶ world premiere in our show rooms in Haderslev” .

Stay tuned for more information about the X5⁶

Photos and video: Mikkel Groth, X-Yachts A/S