Meet an X-Sailor – Henrik Jørgensen!

vrijdag 31 mei 2019

Henrik is a keen sailor and an experienced shorthanded sailor. Through his sailing career, Henrik has been onboard X-Yachts for 30 years.

It all started with an X-79, and since then, Henrik has been the owner of an X-362S and an X-40.

Two years ago, a brand new X4³ was picked up at the X-Yachts yard and was afterward docked at the homeport of Rungsted in Denmark.

Due to Henrik’s background in Microsoft, he named his boat Xbox – Henrik is now at his X⁴Box.

We have asked Henrik Jørgensen a couple of questions about his sailing career so far;

As a sailor and shorthanded sailor, why did you choose an X-Yacht?

– An X4³ is a really good boat for both single-handed and shorthanded sailing. It is stable, easy to handle and not least fast. Everything can be operated efficiently, and most can be adjusted from the cockpit. I have only 2 extra features added to the standard boat: remote control for the autopilot and an electric winch.

However, it should be noted that X⁴Box – compared to other X4³’s – is equipped with trim and racing equipment like on an Xp 44 (i.e., sails, inserts, spinnaker boom, electronics, etc) … so underneath the skin, it’s a racing boat!

What are the best features of the X4³ appreciated for your sailing activities?

– One of the best features of the X4³ is the right combination of a cruising and racing boat… When you get back home from a summer trip, you just remove the cruising equipment, drain the tanks and then begin to rig for racing purpose. The difference in weight is about 950 kg (water, fuel, kitchen equipment, food, spring mattresses, etc.).

In that way, the X4³ can make an impact on the race course as well, but she also provides a high level of comfort during our summer holidays. This combination fits perfectly to my racing addiction as well as to my family’s cruising needs.

Did you select any specific options when you designed the boat?

– From the start, I knew that X⁴box also should be used for racing, so I choose to have racing in mind when I selected options. Thereby I didn’t choose any heavy equipment such as a furling boom, teak or mouthed gear.

As I am a bit of a tech geek, so I have chosen to install most of the electronics myself, in that way I know the setup and are able easily to maintain and expand it.

You have been sailing X-Yachts for 30 years – what’s your best X-moment?

– Over 30 years, it’s hard to choose… But winning the Gold Cup in 2005 (X-362S) was amazing.
Gold Cup 2003 – no 3 (X-362S)
Gold Cup 2007 – no 2 (X-40)
Gold Cup 2017 – no 2 (X4³)

To participate in the Gold Cup is something I look forward to every time – it’s simply something special in the X-community.

Also, I have won 4 Danish championships in Danish2star together with Jan Hansen.

What would you highlight about X-Yachts?

– The rare combination of a boat that can actually compete on the race course against other hardcore racing boats – and still after the race I can relax with my family in a perfect cruising boat during vacation and weekends. Finally, the X-Yachts after sales service which I find fulfilling and quite unique.

You will find Henrik and his X⁴Box at the Gold Cup 2019!