New X4.3 First test sail!

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dinsdag 23 november 2021

X4.3 first test sail!


The atmosphere was tense when X-Yachts’ NEW X4.3 was hanging razor sharp in its centerlift at the yard in Haderslev/DK

The moment was witnessed and toasted in champagne by X-Yachts dealers from around the globe, well knowing that this new member of the Pure X line will soon become the most popular model of all X-Yachts.

Prior to the launch, key riggers and boat builders worked hard to get the mast stepped and tuned, and to get the most necessary details ready for the first sea trials that were due on the following days.

The NEW X4.3 has gone through a serious make over with a completely new hull and deck design together with many other improvements since its successful predecessor, that was sold in more than 100 pcs.

No need to say that the whole yard – and not least the Design & Engineering team – has been looking very much forward to the special moment when the beautiful new 4.3 hit the water – said CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen.


We are more than happy with the NEW X4.3 said a smiling and happy Design & Engineering director Thomas Mielec after the first days of testing:

Our mast supplier John Mast has done a really nice job with the new aluminum mast that is 50 cm higher than on the previous version of the X4.3. The mast trims to a well distributed prebend curve over the length of the mast and it’s as stiff as we like it – both in transverse and longitudinal direction.

The new mainsheet traveller system (now upgraded with hardware from Ronstan and a 7:1 purchase) proved a very noticeable improvement on the main sheet trimming. A few points of further improvements with positioning of fittings etc. were identified in the first test and will be re-worked on the final boat.

The new hull design with wider transom and lifted soft chines suits the X4.3 very well. The additional form stability is quite noticeable, as is the considerably less wake and turbulence of the heeled transom travelling through the water.

At the helm you have a nice and direct feel. With slight adjustment to the responsiveness of the rudder, that shares the now updated design of the entire Pure X range rudders, helming this yacht will be a fantastic experience for the owners – says Mielec.

X-Yachts CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen is just as happy as Mielec:

The first X4.3 model sold more than 100 boats in four years and proved a fantastic success, but the NEW X4.3 has already sold 23 pieces before we were even able to take the first real picture of the boat!

We can’t wait to get her out in the market in 2022 after a full month of testing and adjusting the final bits of equipment to perfection.