Service manager at X-Yachts retires

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vrijdag 8 januari 2021

Service manager at X-Yachts Niels Ebbesen retires after having worked for X-Yachts for more than 35 years. As self-employed, Niels started building boats for

X-Yachts from 1984 to 2009 after which he was employed by X-Yachts with the primary purpose to build up a service department as a new line of business within the company.

During the first 9 months I was alone in the department after which things went fast”, Niels explains. Today our service department consists of 23 full time employees, each with their own competencies within sail and motorboats, and we are working on a wide variety of assignments on a daily basis”, Ebbesen elaborates.

In 2019, X-Yachts built a new winter storage hall which is a very popular solution for those who want their boat to stand on a solid and dry ground during off-season.

It is a long time since I made my decision about retirement. Now it is time to relax and to enjoy life with my family and spend some time with my hobbies”, Niels Ebbesen concludes.

As a replacement for Niels, X-Yachts has employed Bjarke Gam Svare. Bjarke has previously worked as service manager responsible for customer service, working in a service department and with after sales. Originally, Bjarke is educated an electrician and has experience within the fields of electronic equipment, sound and AV.

Bjarke knows quite a lot about sailing yachts being a sailor himself and owning his own boat.

Operations and Supply Chain responsible, Peter Rødbro elaborates: “We have already welcomed Bjarke in our company and we look forward to the cooperation with Bjarke and his structured approach to all kinds of projects.

Clients, employees and colleagues will miss the presence of Niels Ebbesen. However, Niels has promised to help us should we need his expertise, which we appreciate very much!”

You can contact our new service manager, Bjarke Gam Svare, by either email or by phone +45 73 52 44 60.