X-Yachts Marina A/S takes over Marina Minde and Marina Toft

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woensdag 21 juni 2023

X-Yachts Marina A/S takes over Marina Minde and Marina Toft


As part of a generational handover, Claus Boisen and Hans Lindum Møller have sold Marina Minde in Egernsund and Marina Toft in Gråsten to X-Yachts Marina A/S. Claus will continue as harbour master and Hans as CEO after the takeover, which will take place on January 1st, 2024.

The sellers explain that they have been looking for the right buyer for the two marinas for some time. A buyer who is very impassioned about the sailing life. At the same time, it should also be a buyer who had the capital to continue the positive development. “We were lucky and got in touch with X-Yachts A/S, which is owned by Consolidated Holdings A/S, who immediately showed an interest in the marinas”. Kræn Nielsen, CEO at X-Yachts, looks forward to working with us and to help developing the best possible conditions for our sailors. At the same time, we believe that it is possible to create significant synergies between the shipyard and the marinas.

Marina Minde and Marina Toft are perfectly located close to the German border and are perhaps Denmark’s most beautiful marinas. This was also one of the reasons why Marina Minde was being elected “Port of the Year” in 2021.

Ib Kunøe is the owner of Consolidated Holdings and has owned X-Yachts since 2012. Ib has been a very keen yachtsman since his childhood in Aabenraa, so for him it was an easy decision to buy the marinas. As he states: “If you have a nice boat, you also want an attractive berth for it. The marinas are popular as focus is on the pleasure of sailing and at the same time all the facilities are first class. It is a pleasure to come there. We bought X-Yachts because we wanted to design, produce and sell the best performance cruisers, and we found that the two marinas are a good match to X-Yachts.”

At present Ib Kunøe has no plans for major changes. “We are taking over a well-run all-year business with the best location, both in terms of nature and market. Over time, more X-Yachts sailboats will come to Minde and Toft. No doubt about that”, says Ib, who looks forward to continuing the good partnership with the sellers and with restaurant manager, Susanne Jylov, VÄRFTET Restaurant and Bar, who will continue as tenant.

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