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X-Yachts (GB) Ltd look after over thirty X-Yachts in Hamble Point Marina during the winter period.
We have a dedicated team service team and offer a winterisation program to make sure your X-Yachts is looked after over the off-season and follows the advised service schedule.
We have worked over most of the range and are able to do:

- Rig check, mast un-step and step, rigging test and replacement. ✔
- Antifouling preparation and application. ✔
- Gel coat repairs, restoration and polish (nano polish available). ✔
- Teak repairs, restoration and treatment. ✔
- New boat commissioning. ✔
- Instruments software update, trouble shooting and new installation. ✔
- New systems installation, service and repair. ✔
- Rudder inspection, rudder bearing replacements. ✔
- Sea cocks replacements. ✔
- Varnish repair. ✔
- Receive yachts from transatlantic ships at Southampton Docks, bring back to Hamble. ✔

For a discussion regarding your X-Yacht this coming winter, please contact Julien Renault or +44 23 8045 3377