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Based in the iconic French Riviera, in Port Grimaud, just a mile from Saint Tropez, X-Yachts France was established in 1991 and for the next two decades was owned by the three founders of the Danish company : Niels and Lars Jeppesen and Birger Hansen.

The company is today an independent company, in line with all other X-Yachts distributors. A network of independent sub-dealers – in Normandy, Brittany, Atlantic coast and western Mediterranean provides close services to our customers.

In 2023 X-Yachts France come back in atlantic coast, LA TRINITE SUR MER will be the technical base of company. We hope with this organisation we revitalize the X-Community in France.

X-Yachts France have two points of sale, Port Grimaud and La Trinite/Mer with a technical team for customers' maximum enjoyment.

Jean-Luc Chalant

Jean-Luc Chalant

Jean-Luc Chalant has sailed all his life. “I became a passionate sailor in my early days,” he recalls. “I graduated as a sailing instructor in parallel with my studies, and raced dinghies for many years". After an international experience in the IT business he joined the marine industry 20 years ago. Then I moved into cruising. During my years in the IT business I sailed almost all my vacations on chartered boats. : "I joined the boating business in 1994, and came back to racing more and more. Before joining X-Yachts I project-managed several custom racing boats, and was directly involved by the client of the first X-65 in the development of that model, which helped me form a tight relationship with X-Yachts’ management."

contact@x-yachts.fr+33 (0) 494 45 37 33+33 (0) 672 62 74 65

Olivier Michaud

Olivier Michaud

Olivier created his company in 2005. Today, he have three activities: - Refit and maintenance with the shipyard KERVILOR in La Trinité Sur Mer - Painting With "les ateliers d'olivier" with a beautiful references - X-Yachts France. All activities form a good unit. Of course Olivier is sailing on a X-Yachts, he refitted an X412 and sail with his family.

olivier.m@x-yachts.fr+33 (0) 630 70 85 83

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