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The development of the new XR is still at an early stage, but the vision and ambition are clear: The XR will be a winner, and therefore the X-Yachts in-house design team partnered up with some of the world’s most experienced companies and racers to reach that goal!

The partners will be working closely with the X-Yachts design team, and together they will design and build a race boat with winning potential for all major championships and regattas in ORC and potentially IRC.

Designing successful race winners under ORC and IRC is not new to X-Yachts. Take for example the, Xp 44, X-41, IMX 38, IMX 40 and IMX 45, that were all dominating on the race course for years - and still is. Just like these legendary models, the XR will also have a certain degree of cruising inheritance for the sporty family.

A serious return to our DNA

The XR 41 is a serious return to the X-Yachts DNA and after 45 years of X-Yachts racing history, we are now back in racing!

Designed with input from leading design teams, crafted from the finest material, and produced using the most advanced technologies to offer an unmatched racing experience. Optimized for ORC, the XR 41 is built to turn every breeze into speed!

The 41,8 ft. racer and sporty cruiser will have its world premiere at Boot Düsseldorf in 2025!

XR 41


Suunnittelija X-Yachts Design Team & Partners
Rungon pituus 12.74 m 41'10"


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