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lauantai 15th toukokuu 2021

Introducing the Xclusive Yacht Club

A new racing club for the citizens of the world.

If you keep looking for the wind, love sailing fast, and desire to participate in the most amazing races in the world, then Xclusive Yacht Club is for you!

The official launch of the Club will be at the Gold Cup in August 2021.

The Mission and Vision of the club

The club was created, in collaboration with globally acclaimed, leading yacht manufacturer X-Yachts.

The principal Founder, Easy Swissa is a passionate sailor with over 40 years experience at sea and he believes in the life-transforming power of racing. For many years, it has been his dream to create a platform for the sailors that wish to expand their horizons, improve their technique, and experience a higher level of sailing.

The mission with the Xclusive Yacht Club is, to create a unique community of like-minded sailor-adventurers and to provide them with the guidance and support needed in order for them to participate and win their dream races.

The core Vision of Xclusive Yacht Club is to compete and win the most distinguished races across the world. Racing allows sailors, to explore the capabilities and limits at sea, with all its surprises and obstacles. The Club will also join passionate sailors on one platform, where they can receive bespoke training from some of the world’s leading trainers.

The principal racing group at the Club will include both men and women. The Club will also carry out, specialized races for women-only teams and youth teams.

Xclusive Yacht Club will host a fleet of five high-performance racing boats, all built by X-Yachts. At the time of the Club’s launch, two of the boats will be the freshly released and specially modified Xp 44.

The Xclusive Yacht Club has developed a carefully curated year-round racing agenda for 2022, featuring only the most prestigious sailing races around the world.

If you have any questions, please contact Easy Swissa by phone to 00972 503 323147.

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