Meet an X-Sailor - Ib Kunøe

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tiistai 13th elokuu 2019

Meet an X-Sailor

A series of interviews, setting focus on the X-Sailor and the yachts behind them.

– Ib Kunøe –

Entrepreneur. Businessman. Business owner. Sailor. Sculptor. Ib Kunøe can be described with many words, but above all he is a self-made man.

Since leaving the Danish Military, with the rank of major, where he established his first business, the consulting company Mercuri Urval, he has founded the successful company empire, Consolidated Holding.

In 2012, Ib Kunøe took over the majority shareholding of X-Yachts.

The mantra that has laid the step stones for Ib Kunøe’s journey is ”Balls, Brain and Heart”.

We have asked Ib Kunøe a couple of questions about his relationship with X-Yachts;

You have a significant portfolio in business, especially in the IT industry.
What made you enter the boat industry and X-Yachts?

Sailing has always been my main sport, and to be able to combine business and pleasure is of course very motivating. That my investment could be X-Yachts, with its brand and super reputation was even better.

Your passion for sailing came to expression when you invested in X-Yachts, was this an acquisition of ”Heart” cf your mantra?

After the financial crisis, X-Yachts needed a new investor; I have always admired X-Yachts, and since is located where I grew up and had my military career, it was an acquisition of heart, however, naturally with the plan to make it a good business.

What has X-Yachts given you on your journey of life, how does it differ from your other activities?

I have been involved in many companies in many areas, but not so much in production. With X-Yachts I can touch the product, admire the craftsmanship and get a fantastic sailing experience all in one product.

There is such a special passion for the brand and its products among the employees, it’s easy to feel that the company is run by enthusiasts. I think that’s a rare thing in a modern business.

How have you made your imprint on X-Yachts as an owner and sailor?

I think I have done quite a few things as chairman in the company; The company has become profitable which is important not only for the owners, but also for the employees and for the customers, who must have confidence, that we deliver what they have paid for, and that we will live long after the purchase, so that they can have the service they have paid for.

I am not a designer, but I participate in the direction the company takes, what models should we make and how should the priorities be between racing and cruising, so that we can satisfy as many of our loyal customers as possible, with superior sailing experiences, including ease of use, safety, fast sailing and  comfort.

As the owner, chairman and X-sailor, the moments are probably many, but what is your best X-moment?

I have participated in a number of Gold Cups which is always a great experience, both on the water and ashore, but my best moment was when I singlehanded sailed my X43 back to Copenhagen from the last Gold Cup. I had a pleasant wind and 10 hours with the gennaker out of 24, super cool, learning to gype effectively alone many times.

While sitting there alone, it got me thinking back on my 7 years in X-Yacht, with the steering wheel in one hand and the sheet in the other, with a  view over the bow and a boat in full control  – I was confirmed that I have made the right investment… That’s my X-Moment.

Ib Kunøe’s X One X43  – Gold Cup 2019


Ib Kunøe has now been a part of X-Yachts for 7 years and is highly involved within the processes in X-Yachts.