New Swedish X-Yachts dealer

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keskiviikko 15th tammikuu 2020

New Swedish X-Yachts dealer

Robi Gripenberg becomes the new dealer of X-Yachts Sweden. Robi, who has been responsible for X-Yachts Finland since August 2002, has signed the agreement for the sale of X-Yachts sailboats in Sweden, which will take effect on January 15 this year.

Johan Delin, who has been the previous dealer, quits and retires. During a transitional period, Johan Delin is supporting Robi Gripenberg in the transfer of operations. X-Yachts Sweden AB is, as before, at the old address Ängshyddevägen 1, 181 31 Lidingö. The Finnish office also continues as previously on Båtbyggarvägen 6, 00210 Helsinki.

Robi says:
“I am expectant and happy about this opportunity and of course extremely proud to service and develop at least four times larger Swedish market. I already know a lot of the Swedish X-Yachts sailors since I, together with Johan, have been present at Swedish boat shows for over ten years. That is why I am very much looking forward to being able to offer our services to both new and old customers in the future ”

X-Yachts Sweden och X-Yachts Finland:

Robi Gripenberg   –  +46 70 584 2545 –      /    +358 40 414 2545 –

Johan Delin   –  +46 70 3172669  –

X-Yachts A/S Danmark, Kraen Brick Nielsen +4526772423  –