X-Yachts anniversary Gold Cup 2019 is now open

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perjantai 7th kesäkuu 2019

1000 sailors from all over the world have arrived at the X-Yachts yard in Haderslev to attend the traditional X-Yachts Gold Cup, which this year also marks the yard’s 40th anniversary.

There was excitement amongst the sailors on the dock in front of the X-Yachts yard today on the first day of this year’s Gold Cup. Everywhere in the harbor were sailors who prepared their boats and enjoyed the community in the good, sunny weather. In the evening all sailors were invited for the opening ceremony and dinner. The next two days, Saturday and Sunday will offer racing in the Lillebælt and festive activities in the evening back at the X-Yachts yard in Haderslev.

Haderslev on the map

It is the first year that X-Yachts holds the Gold Cup at their yard in Haderslev. ”X-Yachts has made Haderslev known as a town throughout the whole World,” said Mayor Hans Peter Geil of Haderslev during his opening speech and welcomes all sailors to the city.

This regatta is the largest event in the history of the X-Yacht Gold Cup with 1000 sailors aboard 109 X-Yachts from all over the World. In addition to the Danish participants, sailors from f.x. Chile, Japan Finland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Norway have taken the journey to join the anniversary race.

The lady/boat in red

In front of the X-Yacht shipyard, you will be greeted by a newly renovated, beautiful, red X-79 on a trailer – X-Yacht no. 1. The boat has not only been a popular attraction all day, but also the symbol of where the X-Yachts-journey started 40 years ago. ”We have kept the DNA in our design and created boats with fantastic sailing and cruising abilities,” says Ib Kunøe, owner of X-Yachts at his Gold Cup opening speech.

”We X-Yachts sailors share something unique together. We greet each other on the water in a special way. We are almost like a family”, says sailor Peter Hansen from Bogense, Denmark, who, together with his crew from Vandhunden, enjoyed a drink in the cockpit in the afternoon sun earlier today.

Race for everyone

The participating boats are divided into two family classes and two sports classes as well as one over 50-foot category.

The Forma-family from the Netherlands with Father Diederik and daughter Mia, 8-years-old have made a family team and sail in their newly acquired X4.6 Lazy Fox. ”We look forward to joining the family class and having a good time together on the water,” says Diederik. Mia will be responsible for the timing of the starts and help to sail the boat during the races.


Royal Danish Yacht Club, which has hosted the X-Yachts Gold Cup the past many years, will again this year do the race management on water – this time in cooperation with the Haderlev Sejl-Club. ”I wish everyone a fantastic event in a great place,” wishes race manager Lars Ive from KDY when he opens the regatta.