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Too often emphasis is given to the comfort of a yacht only at anchor and not enough to the comfort whilst underway. Many of the design decisions made by X-Yachts are to help ensure the yacht not only performs well in all conditions but is also comfortable and enjoyable to sail.

From attentive hull design to ergonomic features throughout the cockpit and interior layout X-Yachts deliver superb comfort at sea on all their boats.


Longitudinal Weight Distribution

Longitudinal weight distribution is hugely important in a sailing yacht as having a lot of weight in the bow and stern will cause pitching and slamming. This is not only very uncomfortable but also puts massive loads through the boat and slows it down.

In order to reduce this slamming to an absolute minimum X-Yachts place all the heaviest equipment such as fuel and water tanks as close to midships as possible.

Moving as much mass as close to the center of gravity of the boat as possible, reduces the longitudinal moment of inertia, greatly improving the motion of the boat in waves. With less weight in the bow the boat will slam less.

Keeping weight as low as possible will reduce motions in waves, when motoring and when at anchor for a more comfortable lift aboard.

Hull Design

A good sailing yacht is defined by its hull’s shape, which ensures it can be both comfortable and fast sailing upwind, reaching and downwind, in light as well as in stronger winds.

Throughout the three ranges X-Yacht designers take into account the comfort of the yacht’s motion in varying conditions and the amount of interior volume to allow for comfortable, luxurious accommodation while not compromising on the performance of the yacht.

X-Yachts is the only an Internationally reputed boat yard which controls the whole design and production process “in-house” and therefore has full control over every aspect of the design ensuring every yacht that has been produced by X-Yachts over the years fulfils their reputation of fast, comfortable performance yachts.




Performance is at the heart of the design for the Xp range. It is important that the yacht is enjoyable to sail, offering exhilarating performance without any compromise.

The increased forward flare on the topsides makes the Xp models easier to drive at full power downwind - whether racing or cruising.


The deeper hull sections in the Xc range provide a much larger interior volume to allow for tanks and other essential cruising equipment. The deep V forward sections importantly ensure a smooth and comfortable motion when sailing to windward.

The greater displacement allows for a heavier keel to be fitted meaning that the stability is improved.


The new X range is designed to be the perfect compromise. The hull is designed to meet the demands of a sailor who wants to enjoy sailing in a wide range of conditions as well as being easy and comfortable to handle by a smaller crew.

The slightly higher freeboard and more width at the waterline improves the natural stability of the yacht. The soft chine offers some extra stability upwind. The rocker line clearly shows the “in-between” position of the X range in terms of dispalcement. The plumb bow is similar to the Xp line and the stern is raked forward and twisted for a more elegant expression.


The deck layout and the trimming set up is designed by sailors, for sailors. X-Yachts are well known for being easy to handle when cruising short-handed meaning you can enjoy sailing your yacht as a couple without needing to rely on a large crew.

Mainsheet System

X-Yachts uses a mainsheet system where the mainsheet is lead to the two dedicated aft cockpit winches. This is a much more powerful system than the usual cascading block systems, meaning the loads are much easier to handle and for the trimmer to always remain on the high side, improving safety.

Winch Position

All X-Yachts (except for the Xp 33) have self-tailing winches to ensure, easy handling when shorthanded. The positioning of the winches has also been well thought out to ensure all crew members have space work to work efficiently.




The deep cockpit with high back rests ensures crew feel safe and secure at sea, even in bad weather as well as being comfortable to relax in.

The X and the Xc range which are designed for extended blue water cruising have options for a fixed windscreen and/or a sprayhood. This offers a huge amount of protection from the elements.

Add a bimini and cockpit tent to this and the cockpit becomes a very usable area in all weather conditions.

Attention to Detail

It’s the small things that make a big difference to life at sea. Everything on board your X-Yacht has been cleverly thought out to maximize your safety and comfort

Foot chocks

Foot chocks

To ensure you feel safe and secure when moving around the cockpit at sea or helming we have many ergonomically designed foot chooks well positioned around the boat.

Practical Galley Layout

Practical Galley Layout

The galley on an X-Yacht is designed to be as practical as possible to use whilst at sea as well as in the marina. U and L-Shaped galleys offer a way to brace yourself whilst heeled and there are good hand rails around the gimballed oven.



Many modern yachts that have opted for a clean, minimal interior often lack good handholds for when at sea. As X-Yachts are designed for sailing not just staying in the harbour we have included strategically placed handholds around the boat that are also which also fit perfectly with the stylish interiors.

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