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venerdì 28th Giugno 2024

At X-Yachts, the XR 41 designers are focusing on all design features related to a modern racing yacht, including the technical installations required to operate the yacht with optimal performance.

One of many features implemented as standard in the XR will be an electrical system based on digital switching from Garmin/Empirbus, a well known brand that has proven its reliability in the yacht market for several years. The digital system will include distributed I/O modules, switch panels below and above deck, improved flexibility, as well as easy upgrades.

Another standard feature will be lithium technology and electric cooking.

Technical manager John Morsing from X-Yachts explains: More and more sailors are demanding reliable service battery banks that can be used to a high discharge state of charge and can be recharged fast. Therefore, X-Yachts has decided to step 100% into this technology with the new XR41.

X-Yachts has installed several lithium battery banks in various yachts in the past years, as well in hybrid as in standard yachts. This has given us a deep knowledge about performance, safety and installation requirements. An experience that will be implemented in the design of the lithium system in the XR41.

The XR41 will also be the first X-Yachts with electric cooking as standard. A possibility due to the lithium battery bank fitted onboard. The yacht will as standard be equipped with a gimballed two burner induction cooktop that can be upgraded with electric oven. Using electric cooking will remove the headache of finding matching gas cylinders when sailing on holiday from country to country – and it also saves weight and increases safety onboard. In total our calculations indicate a weigh saving around 100kg compared to a yacht built more traditionally.

As additional standard features, the XR41 will have a large digital touch display from Victron, smart monitoring of battery bank and the possibility to monitor the boat systems from home. As an option, the XR41 will be offered with a variety of hydraulic options enabling to trim mainsail and jib without easing sheets first. Load cells for forestay, backstay/runners and jib luff are also offered in combination with two attractive electronic packages tailor made for the XR41 – but we will tell more about this later.