Marina Minde becomes X-Yachts Marina Minde

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martedì 22nd Agosto 2023

X-Yachts Marina Minde

Marina Minde lies beautifully facing Flensborg Fjord, just 10 nautical miles from Sønderborg and Flensborg, and offers a number of wonderful natural and historical experiences on land. Culinary experiences are also available, but of course it is primarily the unique maritime experiences, the great conditions and the good service that make Marina Minde one of Denmark’s most desirable marinas.

Up to 7 meters of draft, floating bridges and plenty of space for safe harbor maneuvers also help to make the harbor popular. In 2021, Marina Minde was named ‘harbor of the year’ out of 300 Danish ports.

From 2024, Marina Minde will be even better. The service and common areas will be improved, and the bridges will have a general overhaul. Throughout the season, work will be done to make the harbor even more attractive to visit.

The current permanent residents will largely be taken on board when Marina Minde changes its name to X-Yacht’s Marina Minde in future, and X-Yacht’s yard begins the work of further developing the marina, together with the current employees.

On Sunday 10 September 2023, a festive day will be held at the harbor in Marina Minde, where there will be something to drink and eat and we will tell you a little more about the plans and events in 2024.

X-Yachts CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen explains:

“Marina Minde is already modern and well-maintained, but we want to make it an even better harbor for the current residents. In addition, we will also focus to a large extent on attracting quality-conscious boat owners from Denmark as well as Germany and other countries.

Marina Minde is privately owned, and this makes it easy for us to arrange the berths and facilities according to the guests’ wishes. Yachts are generally getting bigger and bigger, and there are only a few harbors that, like Marina Minde, can handle boats up to 23 meters long and 7 meters wide. With the growing boat size, the need for servicing also grows, and here Marina Minde is in a special class with the nearby Marina Toft facilities in Gråsten, and of course also the X-Yachts yard in Haderslev.

It is obvious for X-Yachts to make use of Marina Minde’s many advantages, and from 2024 we will offer some berths at Bridge A in the harbour, which ensures space and other advantages for X-Yacht’s owners.

In addition, we will run some of our annual activities based on the marina. Demo of new boats, press events and community events, and we will also run part of our X-Yachts charter business from Marina Minde with 2-3 boats.

When the sailing season is over, we can still offer service and winter storage in Marina Toft in Gråsten. We expect that many of our foreign customers will use both Marina Minde and Marina Toft in the future.” – says Kræn Brinck Nielsen.