Okyalos X has returned to the yard!

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woensdag 6 april 2022

Built with no compromise – Okyalos X has returned to the yard!

Leading up to the One Ton Cup in 1990, X-yachts received an unusual order: “Build me the world’s best One Tonner. The budget is unlimited.” 32 years later, Birger Hansen brings the historic vessel back to it’s birth place. Okyalos X is the most advanced boat ever built by X-Yachts. Birger describes the boat as the Stradivarius of X-Yachts.

With no limits in budgets, we could build it in the most optimal way possible. Actually, it turned out to be optimized so much…well, there’s all kinds of little details…For example, all the fittings were made from titanium. All of them! There’s no stainless steel anywhere on that boat. Stanchions, chain plates, tiller… everything is made from titanium.

- Birger Hansen, Co-Founder of X-Yachts
Stay tuned for the full story about the return of Okyalos X!