X-Yachts Owners Association UK, visiting the yard!

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maandag 27 maart 2023

Last week, X-Yachts had the X-Yachts Owners Association from the UK (XYOA), visiting the yard – and what an amazing days this has been.

We, from the X-Yachts team, are humble that our customers take the time to come visit us in Denmark and invest the time.

X-Yachts CEO; Kræn Brinck Nielsen, One of the Founders; Birger Hansen, Dan Pedersen; multiple X-world champion and Director of Design and Engineering; Thomas Mielec, gave the UK X-Owners a presentation on the X-DNA, the story of X-Yachts and the future vision for the company.

Part of the trip was also to understand Danish Design in general, by visiting the Danish furniture house, Ingvard Christensen in Vejle – since Danish design is a strong heritage of X-Yachts.

One X-Owner expressed his joy; “X-Yachts build really great boats, but the X-Yacht community is the reason why I will never buy anything else than X!”

Here at X-Yachts, we have the best customers you can wish for.

About XYOA

The X-Yachts Owners Association in the UK (XYOA) was set up in 2011 by a group of keen and enthusiastic UK X-Yacht Owners, to promote rallies, racing, social events and the sharing of information within the fleet.

The XYOA has over 140 members from England, Scotland, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA and Australia.  The XYOA hosts several UK based events throughout the year including sailing and shore based events. The Owners Association has a reputation for running fun, friendly events where like-minded X-Yacht owners can share their enjoyment of sailing X-Yachts, as well has help exchange tips and ideas on everything X-Yacht related.