Charter at the yard in Haderslev

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Charter a new X-Yacht from the yard in Haderslev

We cannot give guarantees for the Danish weather, but in return we can guarantee, a boat that gives you a sailing experience you never will forget.

It can only be a great vacation with family or friends. We will spice up the experience with a guided shipyard tour that provides insight into the highest standards for boatbuilding.

Starting from our shipyard in Haderslev in the period May to August, you can charter one of X-Yachts’ most popular models.

In addition, you and your crew will spend the first hours of the charter period on a basic introduction to the boat along with an experienced X-Yachts sailor. After that, you and your crew will be ready to stand at the wheels.


You will step on board the boat on Tuesday morning / by appointment with X-Yachts. The boat must be back in the harbor at the shipyard on Sunday evening for delivery on Monday at 10 am.

Other conditions

If you buy a new X-Yachts within six months after the rental period, the rental price will be deducted from the price (only 1 week).


The boat can be booked for weekly chartering from Tuesday – Monday.
Prices for one week's charter is:

X4⁰ - May 2023

X4³ - May 2023

€ 3.500 // DKK 26.100

€ 4.225 // DKK 31.500

X4⁰ - June 2023

X4³ - June 2023

€ 4.020 // DKK 29.950

€ 4.630 // DKK 34.500

X4⁰ - July 2023

X4³ - July 2023

€ 4.700 // DKK 34.950

€ 5.300 // DKK 39.500

X4⁰ - August 2023

X4³ - August 2023

€ 4.700 // DKK 34.950

€ 5.300 // DKK 39.500

Incl. insurance and VAT.

Reference is made to X-Yachts Terms and conditions for charter