X-79 no. 1

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The refurbishing process of X-79 number 1

In the early Summer of 2018, Birger Hansen and Lars Jeppesen picked up the very first model of X-79 on Jersey in the UK. The boat was a gift to X-Yachts Headquarters from the UK Dealer of X-Yachts, Conor Fanning.

During the Autumn of 2018, the refurbishing process of the exterior was started up by Birger. In 2019, Birger finished his work on the exterior and in 2021, he started the refurbishment of the Interior. It was very important to Birger, that the boat would appear with the exact same exterior as well as interior. The boat had to be restored exactly as it was back in 1979.

In January 2022, Birger finished the full refurbishment of the X-79 no. 1 and the boat appears in the exact same condition as when it was built 43 years ago.

Birger has put all his strength into revitalizing this unique piece of history. Below, you can follow all the steps of the whole process.

We want to thank all the partners who have contributed to the refurbishment:

Januar 2022 - Full refurbishment


November & December 2021 - Interior refurbishment

June 2019

6th May 2019: Application of antislip on deck

3rd April 2019: Painting of deck

March 2019, second layer of primer

25th March 2019: Freeboard, water lines and transom now painted

February 2019, first priming

February 2019, before painting process

January & February 2019, grinding and honing

November & December 2018, preparing, cleaning and filling out holes

Summer 2018, picking up the boat on Jersey