X-Yachts distribution changes in Finland and Estonia

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Donnerstag 5th Oktober 2023


The X-Yachts distribution of Finland and Estonia has changed to a new operator. Samuli Leisti will continue distribution of X-Yachts Finland and Estonia after Robi Gripenberg retires from the long-term XYachts

Samuli Leisti has a long X-Yachts history. He founded two X-35 OD boat team called X-Sailracing together with Teemu Kekkonen in 2010. The team achieved their goal in 2015, when they won gold and silver at the World Championships in official One Design class. In the same year, Leisti won the ORC European bronze medal in Pärnu with the X-35 non-optimized OD boat. Leisti also owned and ran the TP52 sailing team called Zer°emission during the years 2019-2022, of which the best achievement was the ORC European Championship silver 2019 from Sweden.

In addition, Leisti has set a Atlantic crossing record in 2014 with the Leopard by Finland project. Today, he sails his refitted X50 yacht in the Mediterranean. Leisti has more than 30 years of experience in the marine industry. Leisti is also a partner in one of the strongest yacht brokerage companies in the Nordics, Blue Ocean Oy Ab, which at its best has sold more than 100 boats a year. Blue Ocean Oy Ab has been especially successful in selling high-quality sailing yachts internationally.

„I have a long sailing experience, both from racing tracks and cruising on my own family boat. X-Yachts has
always been close to my heart and it is a pleasure and an honor to continue Robi Gripenberg’s great work in
the future.“

- Samuli Leisti


Robi Gripenberg has a long and respectable X-Yachts history behind him. He started in 2002 and continued importing until the spring of this year. Gripenberg continues to operate in boat brokerage with his own company.

„I am proud that I have been able to represent X-Yachts boats from the Uiva exhibition in August 2002 until this spring, and my aim and goal has been to make customers satisfied. I am now handing over the “ sales baton and responsibility“ to the most capable hands and in the future, I myself will work with brokerage boats
and take care of future grandchildren.” Gripenberg summarizes.

X-Yacht was founded in 1979 and is focused on manufacturing high-quality and high-performance racing and touring boats with a Nordic design. X-Yachts has succeeded by combining sailing features and habitability with numerous unique solutions. The collection today includes the Pure X, X-Performance, and X-Cruising collection, which offer options for a wide target group.

„Finland has always been an important market for X-Yachts. With Samuli Leisti and his team representing us in Finland and Estonia, we are dressed up to bring the markets one step further, and besides taking care of the many existing X-Yachts owners, we will also be creating events and activities for new owners. We want to thank Robi Gripenberg for more than two decades of work with X-Yachts, and we look very much forward to a new era with Leisti. We cannot think of a partner that is stronger connected in the business and the sailing community than Leisti and his team.” Says Global Market Manager Torben Kornum.

X-Yachts Finland and Estonia will continue to be seen at fairs and various events. In addition to Leisti, the team is strengthened by experienced persons in the marine industry Seppo Sutela and Miku Santavirta. They bring strong know-how and experience to yacht sales.

More information and contact information:

X-Yachts Finland and Estonia
Samuli Leisti tel. +358 40 746 0958

e-mail: samuli@x-yachts.fi

Torben Kornum tel. +45 40 106 002

e-mail: tk@x-yachts.com

Robi Gripenberg tel. +358 40 414 2545

e-mail: robi@x-yachts.fi