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Sonntag 19th November 2023

Xc 47 Presse-Stimmen anlässlich des Testsegelns der zur Yacht of the Year nominierten Xc 47:

  • There is a lot of storage space, and all is easily accessible.
  • The windows give plenty of natural light and a very fine atmosphere below deck.
  • The hatches in cockpit benches directly to the aft cabins is a very fine feature.
  • The electric propulsion system was very well received. Not least the fact that the batteries are charged while the boat is sailing.
  • The Xc47 is really performing as an X-Yacht. The stability and pointing ability is impressive.
  • Generally, a high number of new and well thought solutions. Like the way we launch the tender and the way we lead sheets and halyards back to the cockpit ec.
  • Very fine quality throughout the whole boat.

Erstes Feedback von Kunden und Interessierten am Test-Segeln der Xc 47 No 1:

  • “With the Xc 47, you seem to have created an all-new category named ‘Bluewater Performance Yacht’. The boat performs better than any other luxury cruiser I have ever sailed.”
  • “The Xc47 is like a piece of art in every detail. There is a very strong design story standing behind it. And I am blown away by the build quality as well.”
  • “Until I sailed the Xc47 in Barcelona I have never in my 40 years with sailing gone out in 28 knots of wind and rough seas with the full wardrobe up – and feeling safe.”
  • “The interior: The generous amounts of space, natural light and fresh air. The unlimited lookout no matter where you are in the boat. The enormous and easily accessible storage space. The beautiful kitchen. The well protected cockpit and much more.
  • My husband says it performs better than any other cruiser, and I’m sure he is right, but it’s also a yacht we can handle as a couple – and live in for years!”

Ein neues Zeitfenster im Segment Blauwasseryachten

Bei der Entwicklung wurde beispielsweise ein Planungsmodell des Bootes in 1:1 zur Prüfung von Decks- und Innenlayout eingesetzt. Dieses Mockup liess sich um 20° Neigung krängen. Somit konnten die besten Ausbau-Varianten bezüglich Funktionalität und Wohnlichkeit generiert werden. Das neue Styling verdeutlicht den Neustart. Das Interieur ist grossartig, im Speziellen das Ambiente im Salon.

Beim Segeltest anlässlich der EYOTY wurden ebenso die perfekten Segeleigenschaften bestätigt: die Yacht setzt bei Rauwasser extrem weich ein, lässt sich präzise steuern und erreichte raumschots immer wieder den zweistelligen Bereich.

Link zur Xc 47