X-Yachts Cyprus


Cyprus is an island with a promise for sailing.  The sailing community is well established and X-Yachts is dominating the scoring of the racing arena.

In 2017, we established X-Yachts Cyprus run by Easy and Aviram Swissa as an exclusive dealership.

Easy Swissa:

"We have a very strong belief in Cyprus as a sailing destination, the facilities and services are great, the new marina in Limasol is a perfect combination of prestige and protection, fun and professional . The marina is located in the best location in the middle of the island, with fast access to lots of cruising over night destinations. Currently there are 2 new marinas under construction, and the sailing environment in Cyprus looks promising.


Aviram Swissa

Aviram Swissa

General Manager


X-Yachts Cyprus

Limassol Marina St 3601