New X-Yachts in Hamble

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Tuesday 29th September 2020

With many new X-Yachts arriving in Hamble, we have made a quick video update.

Click the link below for the 1min 54 sec video.

To make an appointment to visit and learn more, please contact us;

If you cannot travel, we would be delighted to arrange a video call from onboard the yacht of choice.


Debbie Weldon

Debbie Weldon

Debbie has been with X-Yachts since 2004. She links in with all of our customers on support and financial matters. Debbie is positioned at the centre of the business, bringing all the strands together.

Stuart Abernethy

Stuart Abernethy

General Manager

As the General Manager, Stuart has been with X-Yachts since 2005. With a thorough knowledge of all things X, he deals with new enquiries and pre-owned X-Yacht sales.