ORC WINNER X-41 Sportsfreund

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Monday 19th August 2019

Offshore Sailing European Championship was held in Oxelösund, Sweden. ORC is performed with different types of yachts between 30 and 50 foot in length, a total of 70 boats competed in three classes.

ORC EC winner

X-41 GER 7800 “Sportsfreund” won the ORC 2019 European Championship in Class B!

Axel Seehafer’s X-41 Sportsfreund with his team members Gordon Nickel, Bendix Hügelmann, Holger Lehning, Gunnar Bahr, Jörg Siebahn, Jesper Radich, Vasco Ollero, Michel Voss, and Lennart Stegmann are the new ORC Class B European Champions, right in front of five X-41’s and twenty participating  boats, which also competed in Class B –  well-earned in a very tough class.

The owner, Alex Seehafer and his team also won the 40th Anniversary Gold Cup in June.

Race highlights

Class A – A close race

4th Place: The German Xp 44 Xenia, almost won a third place, but was missing 7 sec to the Polish Soto40 Scamp Twenty Seven…

5th Place: On home ground was the Swedish Xp 44 Lady Killer, who took the 5th place only 3 points behind Xenia.

Overall results

Class B –  X-Yachts domination in Class B.

Eight out of the top ten boats were X-Yachts.
1. X-41 / Sportsfreund
2.  Landmark 43 / Intermezzo
3. X-41 / Halbtrocken
4. X-41 / Olympic
5. X-41 / Premium
6. X-41 / Mercedes-Benz EQ
7. Xp 38 / Solider Blue
8. X-41 / Kwanza
9. First 40 / Kraukera
10 Xp 44 / Stony 7

Overall results

Class C
Overall results

Wind conditions all week were across a range of 8 to 20 knots

A total of 24 X-Yachts competed for the ORC EC in three different classes.