RTIR 2023

X-Yachts sponsor ISCRS class trophy

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Thursday 22nd June 2023

This year we are sponsoring a trophy for the “Round the Island Race”, ISCRS Division – First X-Yacht on corrected time.  Year on year, more X-Yachts enter this class, crewed by family and friends.


Entered within the ISCRS class and eligible for this new trophy are;

X-50 Maxian

Xc 50 Pelagos

Xp 44 Minx

Xc 45 Blue Janga

X46 Xsabio

X43 baby X

X43 BeatriX

X43 Lexi

X43 Xanadu

IMX 40 Runaway

X-40 Two Vixens

Xp 38 Red Five

Xc 42 Skedaddle

Xc 42 Xtreme

X40 Fox out the Box

X40 Sienna

X-34 MinX

X-342 Xarifa

X-102 AsteriX

X-302 Quickstep


Best of luck to all who sail on the 1st July in the “Round the Island Race”!