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Tuesday 29th October 2019





We want to thank you, and everyone at X Yachts, for the exemplary support and willing assistance. You should all be proud of the boats you are building and the service to your customers, and we are most appreciative.

Tony & Audrey – Xc 45 mk II – July 2018 

“Our first boat was a Jeaneau Sun Fast 37 bought in in early 2001 which we kept for about 5 years.

However as the boat got older and we were more confident, the plan to upgrade to an X-Yacht became more of a reality.  We had already witnessed Brian Carlton’s new X-37 delivered the previous year and a test sail on an X-40 sealed the deal on a new X-40  in early 2007 and named Alexis.  We were extremely pleased with the boat and sailed her extensively over the following years around the Hamble, over to France and the Channel Islands and a particularly memorable ‘3 men in a boat trip’ to Denmark and back with Brian and Dave, another good friend and fellow ‘round the worlder’ from the Clipper 2013/14 race.    We did race the boat in several smaller regattas, RTI’s and even the LBCC for a couple of years but she was predominantly set up for fast cruising with my wife Lynne and sons Sam & Tim which she excelled at.

As the boat got older, the problem was what to replace her with.   I had always loved the look of the XP range and even flirted with the idea of buying one but was concerned about this move into a much more lively performance boat when realistically moving forward we were looking for a fast cruiser suitable to be able to sail short-handed.   We were starting to look at other alternatives when at a chance meeting with Stuart Abernethy in Hamble we were told of the plans to introduce the new X range and particularly the X4.  

Stuart saw us as the ideal clients for this new development and was very interested in knowing what we wanted from such a boat. Fortunately for us, we were able to talk to the design office in Hamble as the plans developed.   This was very exciting as we were in at start of the boat design and were able to see the development first hand.  There followed numerous trips to Hamble to review the  boat design until the price was fixed and the deal was done in September 2015 just before the Southampton boatshow.  Further meetings were then arranged with Jeremy of North Sails to sort out a suite of new 3Di sails and Aztec Marine over the electronics.  Delivery was hoping to be in mid-2016 although we knew this wasn’t fixed as the boat was still under development and was following the production line of the much larger and more complicated X6.

Alexis (X-40)was brought out of the water and Stuart and the team were magnificent in brokering the sale with the new owners  who took over the boat 3 months later.

In May 2016 Lynne and I met Stuart in Denmark to see the boat in its early fitting out stage just before the top sides were fitted.  Everyone at the factory was so enthusiastic about the new boat and had a real passion for their work regardless of their role.  This was the second time I had visited the factory and really appreciated the hospitality offered to us.  We left even more excited…..

Finally in mid August the day arrived when she was to start the journey by road over to the Hamble.  As we set off a day later we were surprised to find the A3 uncommonly busy for a mid morning in August,  however as we slowly progressed down the road to the front of the queue we found out the large and wide load causing the hold up was in fact the new Alexis on her way down to Hamble, her three blue stripes recognisable from miles away.    Our hearts were in our mouths as we followed her under all the motorway bridges and along the narrow tree lined roads into Hamble.   Two weeks of express fitting out carried by Stuart, Julien and the team from Aztec Marine saw her complete with mast , rigging, sails and electronics and ready for a test sail at the end of August on a stunning sunny day with varied wind conditions that allowed us to put her through her paces for the first time.

She is a stunning boat and everything we hoped for. She has caused quite a stir whether in a marina or more importantly out on the water and has quite rightly been extremely well received by the boating press.   A big thank you must go to Neils and the design team in Hamble, those at the factory in Denmark and particularly to Conor, Stuart, Debbie and Julien at X- Yachts Hamble who were all fantastic.  We look forward to a few good years of sailing around the UK before the long term plan of moving her down to the Med and beyond………”


Nick & Lynne – X43 March 2017



My thanks to Stuart and the team at X-Yachts for making my recent purchase of an X-37 through their office at Hamble Point as easy as it was. Their patience and willingness to answer even the most obscure queries were a big help, particularly as I lived many hours drive away and couldn’t just pop round and have another look at some detail or other.

I have now had the chance to sail the boat a fair bit around her new West Country home and am very pleased with her performance and well-mannered behaviour. The build quality and attention to detail is evident wherever you look and she has impressed all who’ve sailed on her. Should have bought one years ago! “


Andrew – X-37 August 2016



“Buying our new boat – not just any boat though, our fantastic Xc 42,  has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. From start to finish, Stuart and the team have done everything in their power to help and support us. Having changed our minds on several occasions, they found us our dream boat, courtesy of the factory in Denmark. They provided us with the illuminating experience of a trip to Haderslev and a test sail on a very foggy morning!

Now she is back in the Hamble, she is a true delight to sail, perfectly balanced, responsive and trusting, Moonfish handles beautifully, and covers distances with ease. Our sailing experience has moved up  to a whole new level.

A fantastic family cruiser, the 3 cabin-layout is perfect, with a wonderfully complete Galley and is beautifully finished. The children are really excited and we are all looking forward to this summers’ holiday to get in some wonderful South Coast/Channel Island cruising. All we need now is the weather!

Thank you Stuart and team.”


Trevor, Rachel, Alexander and Yolanda – Xc 42  –  June 2016



“Many many thanks for your most professional attention to Alexina this winter. I was slightly apprehensive that my boat might not quite be ‘in your league’ but you and your colleagues where very approachable and very professional. Ultimately I now have a good deal of confidence that the work carried out has been done to exacting standards and has gone someway to protecting the value of my vessel. The bottle of Champagne and the chocolates together with an itinerary of the works carried which I received onboard, was a lovely touch!

Many thanks again Julien”


Mitchell X-412  – June 2016


“Where to start.  I guess it must be “Congratulations”.   You absolutely nailed the Solent cup event this year. Nailed with a very large spike hit firmly into a very solid tree.

Debbie – just to say thank you for organising a really good event this weekend. Of course the weather really helped, but the on and off water arrangements were excellent and the Royal Southern a great place to host it.

Thank you and for arranging Solent Cup.  I enjoyed it tremendously. 

A short note to say a big thank you for organising yet another Xcellent Solent Cup.  Great sailing, great social, and great company.

Thanks for a great weekend.”


Various comments from X-Yachts Solent Cup 2016




“Deciding that the best boat for our requirements was an Xc did not take long.
Trickier were all the decisions about which model and new versus used and level of specification, I could go on!
Stuart and the team could not have been more helpful in taking the time to help us make these decisions and showing us relevant boats and options.
Having identified a suitable used boat coming into the UK from overseas, the team kept us well informed on timings and specifications. The boat was swiftly prepared to a high standard on arrival for us to view. Our expectations were high and the boat exceeded them. A number of items were added as part of the sales process. The team made it easy for us to choose appropriate equipment for delivery to Hamble for professional X-Yachts fitment.
We have been delighted with “Excellent” since taking delivery. Quality and performance sing out. We are making a few further additions with the expert help of Stuart, Julien and Debbie at X-Yachts. Boat buying and selling can be a stressful business. Despite the complications of a boat coming from overseas and currency exchange, the X-Yachts team made this swift and efficient.
Many thanks,”

Julian, Heloise & Sophie Xc 42 – May 2016




“X-Yachts GB; people who’ve sailed all their lives, cruised, raced and looked after boats. They take time to understand their customers and are adept at translating the specification from ideas to the finished X-Yacht. They have a deep knowledge of every detail of each yacht in the range so the project comes to life as you talk.

They admit that sometimes they feel they are handing over their own boat as they’ve lived the process so closely with the owner; but equally importantly know just when to stand aside. The support and attention to detail doesn’t stop after delivery; their expertise is always on tap and owners can arrange as much winter maintenance as suits.

The range allows for both relaxed long distance cruising, the determined racer and everything in between. All X’s respond to detailed “tweaking”, but are equally forgiving and responsive if you’re not in the mood. In bad weather they have a habit of looking after the crew, and then snug down in a sheltered anchorage to deliver an elegant and properly arranged home.”


Anne Xc 42  – July 2015




“As an existing X-37 owner, I was already familiar with the “X”ceptional pedigree, build quality and performance of X-Yachts.

When the newly designed Xc 38 arrived, I took no convincing that here was a yacht which perfectly matched our future requirements.

Ideally suited to short handed sailing, yet able to accommodate the occasions on which we would be joined by friends and family. A yacht which was capable of fast yet safe and comfortable cruising.

We were particularly impressed with the interior two cabin layout, which combined large berths, a spacious saloon, good locker space and cooking area and a large shower / toilet. On deck, the X-Yachts uncompromising approach to build quality continued. A safe fully enclosed cockpit to which all lines led aft, 6 well positioned winches, a coach roof mounted traveller and easy access to the stern between the two wheel steering. X-Yachts attention to the safety expectations of owners extended also to the location of the life raft storage under the cockpit floor, with access via the drop down rear bathing platform, and thereby leaving the cavernous cockpit locker free for all those other cruising “essentials”.

Sailing on the Xc 38 Xtension, has always been great fun, whether it has been crossing the channel to France or the Channel Islands, Round the Island Race or X-Yachts Solent Cup, or simply cruising around the Solent. A great many lasting friendships have been established during our “journey” a common feature amongst X-Yacht owners.

The support of X-Yachts (GB) Ltd. has been impeccable throughout, from our early discussions on specification, through to visiting Denmark with us to see Xtension being built, and thereafter with their annual maintenance programme. 

Overall, our Xc 38 Xtension has provided us with many hours of sheer joy, and we look forward to many more future adventures.”


Brian  Xc 38  – July 2015



“We chose to winter our X-65 Katherine with X-Yachts (GB) 2014/15, we found the location to be perfect for all support services and the team at X-Yachts did a fantastic job of caring for our yacht and coordinating all maintenance while we were away. We were so satisfied with the services we have decided to return back to X-Yachts for our next winter storage.”


Andrew & Lee X-65 – July 2015



“Throughout our circumnavigation on our Xc 45 Ghost, the team at X-Yachts GB were always on hand when we needed them. The quality of the service we received and continue to receive is second to none and just adds to the huge enjoyment of owning an X-Yacht.”


Tim & Clare Xc 45 – July 2015



“After sales service at X-Yachts is like being part of an extended family. Julian knows how to get things done to keep your boat in as-new condition”.


David & Sue X-46 – July 2015



“We purchased our X-Yacht second hand from X-Yachts (GB) Ltd. in 2010 and X-Yachts GB have looked after the boat at Hamble Point Marina ever since. Any damage or breakage that has occurred has been rapidly repaired or replaced. Every winter X-Yachts have arranged for the boat to be taken out of the water and serviced so every spring it is in excellent condition, highly polished and ready for another season. With this quality of care it does not seem to be getting old. The X-Yacht team have been friendly, reliable and really helpful. Even when we have had problems in remote places, such as the west coast of Ireland or the Shetlands they have been able to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution over the phone. An added bonus is that we have been able to persuade a member of the team to join us on various races and as a result have had many successes such as twice winning our division in the Round the Island Race. We have been very pleased with the after sales service provided at X-Yachts (GB) Ltd.”


David & Dee X-50 – July 2015



“I am staying with you for more than three years and always was very impressed about professionalism of all people at X-Yachts office in Hamble. And particularly you, Julien. My yacht, which is Xp 44, named “Simples” is always serviced at the highest possible standards. I believe that thanks to you Julien, I never ever have any problem with my yacht. She was always ready for me to sail, whenever I need to.

I always leave to you my yacht for winterisation process and in the next spring she always looked like a brand new. I was very impressed every spring and especially how you manage to clean and sand the deck, so its look like brand new. It should not be easy to achieve that, taking in consideration our English climate.

This season I have asked you to arrange to move my yacht to South of France. You are not only managed to move my yacht there on time and save. But, you are arranged for me marina over there at Port Grimaud and agreed with local service company to service the yacht. And you found a very good local Captain for me for the season. I understood that you and X-Yachts GB have very special relationship with local people over there. I would like to tell you that I am very impressed with this service of yours and X-Yachts GB.

When I arrived in St. Tropez in April, I found my yacht looks like a brand new and shiny, ready for the season. You also arranged for me to purchase all new sails from North sails and put them on my yacht. You have done fantastic service over the winter, change all batteries and change everything what was need it or serviced what was need it.

When I was sailing in French Atlantic ocean last season I need your advice and help with French and I always was calling you for support and I always got this support from you, Stuart and Debbie. Other words all people at X-Yachts GB are doing enormously supporting me.

After this season in Med I will be asking you again to move my yacht back to Hamble and will be asking you to do winterisation again. I strongly believe that nobody will do better than you, Julien!

I would like to thank you very much again for the service you are providing and really hope that we will keep our working relationship for the future.”


Misha  Xp 44 – August 2015



“Having left my boat with X-Yachts GB in The Hamble for the last few seasons, I recommend the service. The team are friendly, helpful, and above all super professional. When I go to pick up the boat every Spring to sail back to Guernsey, it is always ready, beautifully prepared – a bit like getting a new boat each year! I can then spend the summer sailing, instead of constantly repairing things.”


Richard X-34 – August 2015



“I bought a  “preowned” X-43 through X-Yachts GB and had the sort of after sales service I would hope to get as a buyer of a new Yacht. Always a can do response.  Xnara now returns to the Hamble every winter for her annual spa treatment and is always a joy to collect.”


Richer X-43 – August 2015


“The boat has given us a great summer of sailing… It continues to perform effortlessly and is admired by all wherever I go with it.”

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Paul Xp 55 – September 2015