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At our yard in Haderslev, we offer premium service on all kinds of sailing as well as motor boats

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Wednesday 1st July 2020

At our yard in Haderslev, we offer premium service solutions for all kinds of boats – motor as well as sailing boats, and important to note – not only X-Yachts.

The list is long:

  • Extensive servicing jobs
  • Authorized engine service, motor and sail boats
  • Re-fitting of your boat
  • Service and washing of sails
  • Sales of various sailing equipment
  • Winter storage
  • Ordinary servicing jobs
  • Hull repairs
  • Sanding and polishing of boat
  • De-rigging
  • etc, etc.

We take in any kind of assignment, we have fine facilities, and we are always doing an extraordinary effort to make our clients feel comfortable leaving their boat at our yard.

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For further information, please contact:

+45 73 52 44 85