X-Yachts who made history - X-99

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Thursday 18th November 2021

In July 1985, the first real big sister to the X-79 was launched. The X-99 had more than 100 units presold, when X-Yachts introduced the plans for the boat, at Fridericia Boat Show in March 1985.

History had thus been written. Never before had a shipyard, anywhere in the world, pre-sold 100 boats of this size.
The X-99 became X-Yachts’ first ISAF recognized class, and still hosts annual World Championships. X-99 hull no. 155 “Hong Kong X-Press” owned by X-Yachts Hong Kong importer Rick and Inge Strompf, participated in the X-99 World Championship in Copenhagen in 1987 and the following year in Vejle, Denmark.
This boat became the best-selling boat for X-Yachts. In the production years of 1985 to 2004, 605 boats were produced and sold. Initially four yachts had to be built each week to satisfy the hungry market.

Read the original brochure from 1985 here!