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The team of X-Yachts Spain is excited to promote this famous Danish product. Our team is rich with enthusiasm, passion and ambition to provide you with not only guidance and access to buy your X-Yacht, but we also offer the most important benefit to buying an X-Yacht, QUALITY after sales service all over Spain.

It is our absolute commitment to all our customers that your boat and your needs are our priority. Our after sales service is at the highest level, to ensure that you and your boat receive the best possible attention, and to ensure your X-Yacht is enjoyed to its full potential.

David and Rodrigo's own experiences both in racing and cruising as well as in their professional careers benefit enormously the knowledge we provide to our X-Yachts customers.

X-Yachts Spain believe in a dedicated and personalised sales service and after sales support.

We treat your boat as if they were our own. We take pride and passion in our work. X-Yachts are a quality Yacht, made by passionate people and our service is a true reflection of the Brand.

Our maintenance services in Palma de Mallorca and Badalona (Barcelona) are second to none. All forms of professional maintenance are accesible including gardiennage and shipyard works for complete service needs.

Our affiliated service contacts will ensure that you get professional service all throughout Spain.

In Badalona, Barcelona, our affiliated service is:



C/ Eduard Maristany s/n, moll de Rivera, local 13-14

08912 Marina de Badalona, BARCELONA

You can contact Joan Gironès on +34636360238 or




David Greene

David Greene

Managing Director

Founder of GREENE OCEAN YACHT SERVICES in Palma de Mallorca. David has been a dedicated sports enthusiast all his life. Born and bred in Australia, he has excelled and moulded his life around many sports and the outdoors. Sailing was a new sport that he immersed himself into through his sister and husband´s family cruising boat, making many passages around the South Pacific, Caribean and East Coast of United States. Progressing to professionally working on the famous “Spirit of Tradition” Joel White designed W Class 78 and 46 feet Modern Classic boats, creating the base foundation of true offshore sailing, cruising and Racing. Racing in Regattas mainly all throughout the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands and Spain have become home. David has experience with X-Yachts from the early 2000, servicing a fleet of X-Yacht owners in Palma de Mallorca. Preparing yachts for owners´cruising holidays, to modifying and optimising boats for regattas to blue water Racing are all integral to David´s experience and expertise. David´s experience directly with the X-Yachts shipyard since 2003 is a true reflection of his love for the X-Yacht product.

david@x-yachtspain.com+34 606235441

Rodrigo Sanz

Rodrigo Sanz

General Manager

CEO and founder of PRO-RIGGING, started to dedicate time to his true passion, sailing, at a very early age. His parents were passionate about sailing, a feeling they passed on to their children. Rodrigo soon stood out and started to be quite competitive. He founded Pro-Rigging in 2009 overwhelmed with enthusiasm to share his nautical knowledge. In addition to having more than 15 years in the rigging industry, he competes at professional level in many regattas around the world.

rodrigo@x-yachtspain.com+34 677418880

Silvia Reyero

Silvia Reyero

Operations Manager

Silvia has just started her new career in Yachting after many years in Education and has very quickly come to grips with the nature of the business. She is a crucial person in our team and she has fully immersed herself in setting up the new X-Yachts Spain organisation. She understands the importance of her role and is excited to help all our customers receive the best possible attention that they deserve, ensuring a prompt friendly service. Her determination and commitment are already key to the success of our team.

info@x-yachtspain.com+34 649339604

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