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We strive to deliver superior quality in every aspect of all of our yachts. The quality of the build means your X-Yacht will be a pleasure to sail for years to come and is also the reason they such exceptionally good re-sale values

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Hand Lay-up or Vacuum Infusion

X- Yachts uses a range of construction techniques on the build of the yachts. The way each model is built is decided by what best suites the style of the yacht.

Vacuum Infusion on Xp and X Ranges

On the Xp and X range where performance is more of an importance X-Yachts have chosen to vacuum infuse the hulls using epoxy resin. This means that you can very precisely control the amount of resin used meaning there is the ideal amount of resin in all areas.

The vacuum infusion process involves the dry fibres being placed into the hull mould, these are then covered with an air tight plastic membrane which has a vacuum applied to it. The resin is then added through tubes and is ‘sucked’ through the fibres.

X-Yachts use Gurit Corecell M foam with all infused hulls. Due to the small cell size it minimises resin uptake during the infusion process reducing overall weight. The M foam core also has superior toughness and impact resistant characteristics. This allows for a reduction of core thickness for the same strength resulting in a lighter hull.

The combination of vacuum infusion, oven baked epoxy and the M foam core is the perfect choice when weight, stiffness and strength are the key factor.


Hand Layup on Xc Range

When weight isn’t an overriding factor and robustness is key, there is no better method than X-Yachts perfected art of hand layup. This process is an excellent way of ensuring a superb quality hull. Each layer of fibre is rolled into the mould one after the other making it easy to inspect at every point.

X-Yachts choose to use saw cut DIAB core when wet laminating our hulls. The saw cuts are perfect for bonding the core to the outer skin with core bond offering a large surface area. The core is easy to inspect when it comes to quality control.

The thicker outside skins associated with the wet laminated vinylester construction method make for a very tough hull panel. The process ensures a dependable and repeatable quality product every time.

Exterior Details


Above the water line X-Yachts use a UV resistant gel coat to ensure darker hull won’t fade over time. Below the waterline we use a clear gel-coat. This allows the builders to closely inspect the hull and ensure a perfect vacuum infusion.

Deck Equipment

All the deck equipment on board is supplied by industry leading suppliers ensuring that every aspect of an X-Yacht is reliable, easy to use and safe.

Integrated Waterlines

The famous 3 waterline stripes that have featured on X-yachts right from day one are integrated into the gel-coat rather than being painted on, ensuring they don't wear out and look tired.

Rod Rigging & Turnbuckles

Rod rigging is fitted as standard to all X-Yachts & has been upgraded to a larger diameter. X-Yachts uses racing turnbuckles which are much easier to adjust than the traditional type and look sleek & stylish

Teak Decks

Teak Decks

All our teak is hand selected from a sustainable source. On the decks, coach roof and cockpit sole we use 9mm, kiln dried, quarter sawn teak which results in a more stable and even deck. It is sealed with black, white or grey Sikaflex, which lasts for many years without becoming hard and brittle.

Whilst most yacht builders join their teak planks with caulked seams X-Yacht chooses the use glues finger joints. This creates a beautiful seamless look along the deck.

Engineering Installations

X-Yachts are designed for extensive sailing, whether blue water cruising or regatta racing you need to be sure that all the systems on board are reliable.

Our team of engineers, with over 30 years experience, fit all the systems from engines, generators, and air conditioning systems in house ensuring it is all fitted and installed to the highest standards.

Precise Tolerances

X-Yachts are designed in great detail before construction even starts. All mouldings are CNC’d using very accurate computer controlled machinery, consequently X-Yachts are built to very precise tolerances which are checked at every stage of the build process.

Oversized Battery Banks

Battery banks on X-Yachts are oversized to last longer than required and provide longer autonomous range. X-Yachts uses AGM batteries for improved reliablility, faster charging and they are less prone to sulfation. Lithium-ion batteries are also available as an upgrade on most yachts.

Centralised Electrical Panel

All electrical systems are routed to a single electrical panel for easy power management. Installations are rigorously tested to meet international safety and power standards.

System Access

System installations are fully modeled early in the design process to ensure good access to systems without compromising interior space. Having access to all the systems will allow you or you crew to work quickly and efficiently.



Our team of experienced and skilled carpenters carries out the interior joinery on all X-Yachts. While the styling may be contemporary, the joinery skills employed in constructing the yachts have been handed down through the generations. The boats are durable and easy to live on because the team use high quality materials and work to an agreed set of measurements chosen for their ergonomic advantages.

Top Suppliers

Top Suppliers

The loads placed on the rig and deck gear are considerable on board an X-Yacht because they carry larger than average sail plans. Industry leading suppliers like Andersen, Harken, Reckmann and Spinlock provide reliable components that are easy to use and maintain and are correctly sized for the loads involved. Lower specification items are cheaper to fit but would compromise the safety design goals of an X-Yacht.

Central Lift Point

Central Lift Point

X-Yachts are designed to be lifted using a single lift point that is integrated in the keel structure. This is ideal as it means there is no risk of damaging propellers and rudders as well as not scratching the hull with lifting strops. It also proves just how strong and well balanced the yachts are.

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