From Chile to Gold Cup!

Tuesday 18th June 2019

X-55 Mardivino came all the way from Chile to the Gold Cup in Denmark to meet the X-family and the yard that has built his X-Yacht. Owner and skipper – Miguel A. González and his family are the proud owners of Mardivino, together they participated in the Over 50 feet class in the X-Yachts 40 Years Anniversary Gold Cup.

On this occasion, we asked Miguel a couple of questions;

What were the highlights of the Gold Cup 2019?

It’s a great nautical festival and a celebration of four decades of an exceptional shipyard that we will never forget. We got the chance to to meet and thank the people deeply who made the birth possible of our beloved X- 55 Mardivino some years ago…

What’s your best X-Moment?

I have participated in many regattas, also with fine results , but my best X-moment cannot be described as one single moment – I always feel distinguished each time I step on board Mardivino…  All these moments have been particular and special. Sailing on the water onboard an X is a very pleasant experience; Each time has always been positive and enjoyable, there is no way to not be satisfied, it’s just a feeling I have about X.

Miguel and his team from Chile won the 3rd place overall in their X-55 in the over 50 ft category.

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