My eXperience onboard the Xc 38 - an unforgettable cruise!

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Wednesday 27th January 2021

My eXperience on board the Xc 38 – “A unforgettable cruise”

As something special, X-Yachts gives you the chance to sail an X-Yachts from the yard in Denmark.  Wolfgang Colberg was one of the X-Sailors who spent their summer in 2020 on the marvellous Xc 38.

We have asked Wolfgang a couple of questions about his eXperience:

Tell me, why did you choose an X-Yachts eXperience holiday?

I think the X-Yachts are a wonderful combination of excellent and fast sailing, also onboard an X-Yacht, you get a comfortable living. X-Yachts is a perfect and reliable partner for charter, especially in these difficult times. We knew, before booking, that the boats were practically new and all very well equipped. Another parameter, choosing the charter holiday on an X-Yacht was, that I am planning on buying a new yacht in the next years, therefore I saw an opportunity to do a test sail – and so we did.

I know that you were already familiar sailing an X, but what was your eXperience, sailing the Xc 38?

First of all, I had the impression, that X-Yachts had some influence on the Danish weather because we had Mediterranean weather all week long. On the Xc 38, we had first-class sailing every day. We experienced that the Xc 38 is very agile, already in light winds. Also, the handling of the yacht is very easy during sailing and with the engine.

Your best X-moment onboard eXperience?

The whole experience was well prepared by the X-Yachts Team, including a visit to the shipyard. It was a fantastic and unforgettable trip ad we will surely repeat spending our holiday like this. We also had some great X-moments during our holiday. We were sailing into the sunset with the gennaker and anchoring in a calm Danish bay, taking a swim and having a nice dinner on board. In addition, we were also lucky to participate in the X-Yachts weekend in Dyvig, which was a wonderful place, where we met many other X-Yachts Owners and shared our dreams at sea.

Recommendations from the heart

I would absolutely recommend this to others. It beats every other charter experience, because you get a wonderful and well-equipped boat, without any problems.

I have already booked a week of X-Yachts sailing in Greece and another week in Denmark in 2021, that I am looking forward to. Simply an unforgettable cruise

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