The X5⁶ – hull number 1 demoulded

Tuesday 9th June 2020

The production phase of the X-Yachts flagship is running in full speed.

The images in the gallery show the present status of the production stage of the X56 number 1 and illuminates the fine high-quality process.

As the first X-Yacht (and as first-mover in yachting production), the deck is produced in an epoxy infusion process. The X-Yachts design team explains that time was ripe for implementing this step after several years of experience infusing epoxy in the hulls. Epoxy infusion construction offers control over the laminate allowing it to be optimised to maximise strength and stiffness, and saving weight at the same time.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the production!

The X56 will be launched in the beginning of 2021.

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