X-Yachts Anniversary Gold Cup 2019

Thursday 23rd May 2019


For the 18th time, X-Yachts is hosting Gold Cup for X-Yachts owners from all over the world. This time during the weekend of 7th to 9th June at the yard in Haderslev. Since 2013, the Gold Cup has been held every second year in Denmark, in the prestigious areas of Tuborg and Skovshoved Harbors, assisted by the Royal Danish Yacht Club.

Only one time previously, the Gold Cup was held at the yard – in 1999 with 75 registered boats. Already then, it was quite an attraction.

This time, the event is something special – because in 2019, it has been precisely 40 years since the founders of the company, Niels & Lars Jeppesen and Birger Hansen built their first X-79, famous and later proven to be a highly esteemed & winning racer!

Since then, more than 6000 boats and 60 different models were designed and built.

More than 15 nationalities are represented during the Gold Cup and the participant’s list speaks its own language. Also from the X-Yachts dealer network, there will be guests arriving from all over the world to gratulate and to enjoy the company.

The local population in Haderslev will get themselves quite an experience, because all registered boats will be lying in the harbor area around the yard.  The local sailing club “Haderslev Sejlklub” and the local authorities of Haderslev have lent X-Yachts 70 berths for this purpose. Of which we are very grateful, thank you!

There will be more than one surprise during the event. Among other things, the most recent model to be launched, the X40 will be exposed during the event. The boat will be launched by the end of June, so when exposed during the Gold Cup, it will not be completely finished. However, everyone can get a really good impression of the boat, planned to be test sailed by boat journalists in the beginning of July.

If you want to stay tuned on the activities during the days of the Gold Cup, x-yachts.com and the X-Yachts Social Media platforms will be updated currently with video, photos and reports.

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Thank you to all other partners & suppliers who have contributed to this event: