Why did you decide for an X-Yachts?

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Cuma 29th Mayıs 2020

Martin Keulemans from Netherland received his brand new X46 last week – His enthusiasm and excitement were at the top – We have asked him a couple of questions, why he chose an X-Yachts as his first sailing yacht.

As your first sailing yacht – Why did you decide for an X-Yachts?
Because of their quality – in all so many aspects. We have sailed on many (rental) boats and I was always disappointed when it came to sailing behavior and (interior) built quality. X-Yachts however sail very well, especially also up-wind. They are strong and very well built. Just look at the keel structure, or the way the electricity (cabling) is mounted.  And they are good looking of course – I like the slightly understated Scandinavian “purity”.

And, to be honest: I lived in Denmark in the early 1990’s for four years, and I still feel positive vibes whenever I come across things from Denmark!

You fell in love with the X46 – what appealed to you?
The looks and the size. Wide (open) spacious cockpit, spacious interior with 2 separate bathrooms, and a proper chart table. And we like the split berths in the port aft cabin.

What are your sailing dreams for your new X46?
We want to cross the Atlantic / participate in the ARC in a couple of years from now. But first, we’ll stay in the Netherlands to get to know the boat better and to prepare her for that trip. The generator and water maker are not yet built-in. We might sail her to the Mediterranean next year and leave her there for one or two years, before making the big trip.

Welcome onboard the X-Family, we wish you a safe and enjoyable journey ahead!

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