X4⁹ MkII Press release

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Salı 1st Ağustos 2023

X4⁹ MkII Press release

1 August 2023


X-Yachts introduces a new X4⁹ with a lot of improvements – new look with an updated hull, new rudder, lower weight, more luxury in the cabin – and better performance too.

When the X4⁹ MkI was introduced in 2018, the Pure X range really started to make its mark in the global yacht market. The X4⁹ was the third model in the all-new Pure X range and today more than 50 have been sold globally.

Director of X-Yachts Design & Engineering, Thomas Mielec explains:

“What we are developing now can be described as a smaller version of the X5⁶. The revamp of the X4⁹ in this MkII edition is a natural evolution incorporating the lessons learned and the visual appearance of especially the X5⁶ and the X4³ MkII being the most updated members of the Pure X range. And we have taken the design even beyond these models in a continuous effort to evolve and improve. Among others the styling of the cabin side portlights”.

Redesigned transom, cockpit and S-bow design

The redesign features improve helming position both seated and standing due to added coaming and larger wider foot support as known from the X5⁶.

It also gives easier sail handling through optimized positioning of winches, and better comfort through longer cockpit benches.

The characteristic S-bow first introduced with X5⁶, allows for longer integrated carbon bow sprit, standard feature, accommodating an even better integrated stainless steel anchor arm.

On the longer bowsprit, larger and more free flying gennakers ensure better downwind performance.

The cockpit opening into the transom has been redesigned in direction of the more open and sportier look of the X5⁶. Also making it a more welcoming area when moored stern first

Hull, deck and coach roof

The new coaming design enables better winch positions for sail handling. The coach roof portlights have been redesigned and therefore completely flush (no visible hinges) and with increased opening portlights there will also be better ventilation in the main cabin. The visual styling of the portlights has been updated, and the sizes have been increased, now enabling 50 % more light into the cabins.

Pulpits and pushpits have been updated to a more modern styling. The pushpits now come with integrated backstay chainplates as on the X5⁶.

Enhanced performance

An updated rudder design produces better grip in the water and reduces drag, allowing higher speeds and providing more comfort also during long passages.

New hull and deck structural engineering have reduced the total weight and lowered the center of gravity, and combined with larger downwind sail area, the X4⁹ MKll provides even better overall performance than the MKl.

The interior

Both head compartments have been redesigned for more durable and user-friendly design as well as a visual styling update, keeping quality features like corian tabletops.

Better and easier access to available storage space in the main cabin will complement the luxurious interior design.