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Yachts & Yachting

October 2013

Yachts & Yachting

The latest model from X-Yachts is their first with a retractable sprit for an asymmetric, Rupert Holmes took the Xp 33 out for a spin.

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Yachting Monthly

APRIL 2011

Yachting Monthly

Hats off to the European Yacht of the Year in the Luxury Cruiser category. Niels Jeppesen, Mr X-Yachts, tells Chris Beeson she’s built for the brand’s early fans, now grown up and calmed down since the ’80s

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Sailing Today

JUNE 2012

Sailing Today

Established in 1979, X-Yachts was created primarily to design and build IOR yachts for world class racing... Two decades later it decided to utilise its expertise to build high quality performance cruising yachts as well.

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